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Debt Defense

We zealously defend our clients. Our strategies vary depending on what’s available to you but we will always give you an individualized defense. Our goal is not only to keep the creditor from obtaining a judgment and getting a dismissal for you. We always do our best to resolve the underlying matter along with the lawsuit to provide you with everything you need to provide finality to the problem. Whether the debt is still with the original creditor or has been purchased by a debt buyer we will always find the best solution for you.


Petitioning for bankruptcy protection is an important decision and should only be applied for after taking a very in-depth look at your finances. Thankfully, even if bankruptcy is what’s right for you, it no longer carries the old stigma and you can build your credit up again with 1-2 years depending on your circumstances and how much effort you put in after the bankruptcy. We are here from making the decision to advising you of your next steps after your bankruptcy is complete. We’ll help you make the right choices together.

Justice From Debt Collectors

You have the right to be treated fairly and with transparency when dealing with debt collectors. As former debt collectors we know what’s allowed and we know how often collectors “cross the line”. Don’t let them get away with breaking the law. We’ve been suing debt collectors for over 20 years for their bad behavior. Typically, a debt collector is not allowed to threaten you to get you to pay a bill. If you’ve been treated unfairly we can help!




– 2014, started as Debt Rescue Clinic

with a mission to provide affordable quality legal services to clients looking for help defending themselves against debt collectors and creditors.

Most of our staff have roots in the collection industry, hence we have an insight that most other firms can’t offer to their clients

– 2017, Debt Shield Law

continued to grow to include an additional staff attorney and a total of 10 support paralegals/legal assistants.

– 2018, Expanded Services!

We have now expanded and opened offices in most major cities throughout the State of Florida.

Now offering bankrupcy, debt settlement, loan modification and student loan repayment assistance.

– 2020, Online Consultations

Inspite of challenges from the pandemic, we are able to offer services remotely for our clients via online and by phone.


  • How much do we charge?

    Every case is different and we charge based on the complexity of the case. We offer flexible payment plans. Please call us to schedule a free consultation.

  • Will I have to appear in court?

    Once you are represented by an attorney you do not have to appear in court unless you are required to testify or there is a special circumstance.

  • What happens if I don’t do anything about this lawsuit?

    If you don’t answer your lawsuit, the collection attorney will file a default final judgment against you. A judgment allows the collection attorney to garnish your wages, freeze your bank accounts, put a lien on your home and car, and take your property. A collection attorney can sell your property at an auction through a process called a levy.

  • Can a creditor garnish my bank account or paycheck?

    Yes, but only by obtaining a judgement with execution against you. Call us to find out more.


Joel D. Lucoff, Esq.

Founding Attorney
Joel D. Lucoff has a passion for the law that allows him to go the extra mile for his clients and get the results he promises.  His extensive background and plethora of contacts in this industry make him invaluable to his clients.

Myrna Nieves

Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Nieves has an uncanny ability to connect with clients and because of her extensive experience working with both collection law firms and debt defense firms she can creatively find the answers to most of our client’s problems.

Jeralyn A. Leydig

Legal Counsel
Jeralyn Adelman Leydig is a former collection attorney with over 25 years experience in the industry and knows how to use that experience to allow her to fight for the best results in her cases. Her formidable knowledge of this industry make her a fearsome advocate for our clients. She will get the job done.


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